How To Know Which CPU Cooler To Buy?

How do I know what CPU cooler I need? You have a budget. The first thing you should think about is your budget. How do I know if my CPU is cooler compatible? If you want to compare the information of the Intel and the cooler, you can do so. The cooler must have a … Read more

How CPU Cooler Works?

The principle behind both air and liquid CPU coolers is the same: absorb heat from the CPUs and redistribute it away from the hardware. The Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) is a metal lid that distributes the heat from the processor to other parts of the system. How does a cooler fan work? The principle of … Read more

How To Remove A CPU Cooler?

Can you remove CPU cooler without replacing thermal paste? If you want to remove your cooler for any reason, you should replace your paste. If your computer’s temperature is climbing, you may want to apply thermal paste. Can you remove CPU without removing cooler? If you want the heat to loosen up the thermal paste, … Read more

Can You Take A CPU Cooler Off?

When applying fresh thermal grease or replacing a unit with a new one, it’s a good idea to remove The CPU cooler. If your system has been powered off for a while, the thermal grease may be in a hardened state which could make it hard to remove the cooler. What happens if you remove … Read more

What CPU Cooler Do I Need?

How do I know which CPU cooler is compatible? Under the package specifications section is where you should look for sockets. The mechanical and electrical connections between a processor and a board are provided by the sockets. The information of the Intel® processor and the information of the cooler are related to each other. What … Read more

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