What Is Aio CPU Cooler?

“AiO” stands for “All in One”, which means that you will get a complete package, consisting of a cooling unit, a pump, and a fan, which will reliably cool your computer. You only need to attach the fans to the ready-to- use package. Which is better AIO or air cooler? Air Coolers are more efficient … Read more

How To Install Corsair Liquid CPU Cooler?

Are liquid coolers hard to install? The new generation of liquid cooling systems are very easy to install. Since they are more compact and fit into a wider range of cases, they are less difficult to install than high-end, fan-based CPU coolers. Do you need to put liquid in a liquid CPU cooler? It’s up … Read more

2 Best CPU Cooler For H510

Vetroo V5 CPU Air Cooler w/ 5 Heat Pipes 120mm PWM Processor 150W TDP Cooler for Intel LGA 1700/1200/115X AMD AM5/AM4 w/Addressable RGB Lights Sync(V5, Black) IceGiant ProSiphon Elite CPU Cooler for Intel AMD Desktop Processors, Compatible with AMD Ryzen 7000, AM4, AM5, sTRX4, TR4 CPUs, Intel LGA 115x, 1366, 1200, 2011/2066 Is H510 good … Read more

How Do I Know What CPU Cooler To Get?

If you only have a 40w to 70w processor, then you should go for a small to medium sized cooler. The bigger the cooler, the more efficient it is. Do all CPU coolers fit all CPUs? They have to be compatible with the sockets you use. If you buy a good aftermarket cooler, you will … Read more

How Much Power Do CPU Coolers Use?

The case fans are rated at 12Volts. The standard molex connection on the case fans is 12 Volts, which is the same as your Hard Drive and Optical Drives. I don’t think you need to worry about the power supply if you add 50 fans. How many watts does a CPU liquid cooler use? The … Read more

How To Test Your CPU Cooler?

How do I know if my CPU is cooling properly? If you want to measure the temperature of your computer, you need to download a piece of software. We use and recommend HWMonitor, a tool that does this. How do I know if my CPU cooler is dying? When the performance of the computer goes … Read more

6 Best CPU Cooler For PS4

10 Pack HY880 Thermal Paste Kit-5.15 W/MK 1 G/Pcs, High Performance Thermal Compound Paste Grease Heatsink for CPU, Processor, All Cooler Master, Computer, PS4 Thermal Paste, SYY 2 Grams CPU Paste Thermal Compound Paste Heatsink for IC/Processor/CPU/All Coolers, 15.7W/m.k Carbon Based High Performance, Thermal Interface Material, CPU Thermal Paste JLJ Thermal Paste, 1.5g CPU Paste … Read more

Is A CPU Cooler Worth It?

You don’t need a fancy cooler if you use your PC for mundane tasks. You need a better cooling system if you increase your PC’s power usage. If you want to maintain the temperature of your PC, you should purchase an expensive aftermarket cooler. Do you really need CPU cooler? Yes, that is correct. Regardless … Read more

What Size CPU Cooler Do I Need?

If you only have a 40w to 70w processor, then you should go for a small to medium sized cooler. The bigger the cooler, the more efficient it is. How do I know what CPU cooler will fit? Under the package specifications section is where you should look for sockets. The mechanical and electrical connections … Read more

How To Maintain Liquid CPU Cooler?

It’s a good idea to run distilled water through your PC every year or so, as the pump won’t need regular maintenance. This will make the loop look good. The water block can also be cleaned. How long does a liquid CPU cooler last? How long will it take for your liquid cooler to die? … Read more

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