Can I Use PC Optimum At No Frills?

You can earn PC points at thousands of retail locations, including stores like Joe Fresh and Shoppers Drugmart.

Does no frills redeem Optimum points?

No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart, Wellwise by Shoppers, and BeautyBOUTIQUE are stores that are included in the participating stores.

How do optimum points work at no frills?

Rewarding on a daily basis. Your rewards are tailored to the food and products you buy the most. You can get 50% more points on eligible purchases if you spend at least $150.

Can you use Optimum Points to buy groceries?

You can use your PC points to pay for groceries and other purchases at participating stores. If you want to pay a portion of your purchase, you can redeem it.

Can you use PC points at Shoppers?

You can earn and spend points on online purchases if you’re a PC Optimum Member. If you have 10,000 PC points, you can spend them for up to $10 worth of free stuff at any participating store or online at

Can you redeem PC points for gas?

Customers will be able to redeem points for fuel and car washes at Esso stations in Canada.

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How do I redeem optimum PC points for groceries?

Pick a location close to you and log in with your PC to shop from the grocery items listed. You will have to pay in full in order to use the website. If you want to redeem your PC points, you should let the PC Express colleague know when your order is ready.

Do PC points expire?

It is not possible to say yes. Your points are not going to go away. If you don’t have an open PC Financial payment product registered to your account, your account can be closed.

Can you redeem PC points at self checkout?

At the beginning of the transaction, you should be able to use your PC Optimum card. That’s all you need to know! It is the same thing as a digital or plastic card. Let the cashier know that you want to spend all or part of your points.

How does the PC Optimum card work?

A minimum income of $60,000 for an individual and $100,000 for a household is required to use the card. You can earn PC points when you make purchases at grocery stores, pharmacy and gas stations that are part of the PC Optimum program.

How do you earn optimum points on superstore?

You will get more points when you use a PC Financial Mastercard. You can earn 15 PC points per $1 spent at Shoppers Drugmart and 10 PC points per $1 spent at Superstore. The card doesn’t have to have an income requirement.

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What is an optimum member?

The answer is yes. You will get even more rewards, convenience and inspiration with PC® products and services, on top of the everyday rewards you receive with the PC Optimum program, if you sign up for the PC Insiders program.

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